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"BluSkies has been a pleasure to deal with since we began the transition to the new EPA fuel systems. The quality of their products is matched only by the quality of their staff, who have been incredibly helpful throughout the process. Their knowledge and experience, as well as their willingness to work with us on new products, made the fuel system transition extremely smooth.
We are proud to say that we install BluSkies components on every new Contender."

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From our award winning and patented component products to our use of proprietary EVOH low permeation copolymers, every single BluSkies fuel tank and fuel system technology was developed specifically for boat builders to meet and exceed industry and regulatory standards (ABYC, NMMA, USCG, EPA).

With tens of thousands of BluSkies fuel systems in use for over 3 years, both large and small boat-builders alike are now conveying the responsibility and privilege upon BluSkies of strategic fuel system integration partner and trusted primary supplier of EPA compliant fuel systems. BluSkies marine fuel systems are most competitive when compared on a system basis verses a component basis, this is due to the fact that whenever possible we design systems to function with less components.

  • Made in the USA, BluSkies manufactures every tank component it sells
  • Simple, maintenance free, “non-mechanical” ullage management system
  • Exterior components are all produced 100% from durable marine grade aluminum castings
  • Synergistic operation due to system matched modular components
  • Patented free flowing vapor volume characteristics 
  • Tank specific ullage valve adjustments for maximum fuel capacity
  • Boating Industry’s most extensively adopted Managed Purged (<1 PSIG) System
  • Large portfolio of EPA certified complaint system options
  • Boating Industry’s most cost effective solutions available
  • Largest compliant “Deck Fill” selection of any boating industry fuel system supplier
  • Simple “no maintenance” hydrocarbon flow and hydrocarbon treatment management systems
When it comes to something as important as a vessel's fuel system, we can all agree that peace of mind is a powerful ally. With a BluSkies system on-board, you will certainly discover the power that peace of mind can bring.

OE Products

  • Permanently Installed Fuel Tanks
  • Deck Fills
  • Carbon Canisters
  • Vapor Space Management
  • Accessories
  • Design and Validation Services


The following compliance resources are provided to give our growing boat builder community access to some of the regulatory and performance standards information needed to implement compliant safe and cost effective marine fuel systems.

With a Bluskies designed fuel system, compliance is Guaranteed!
Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.
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Need a fuel tank?

Choose a link from the following list of aluminum and plastic marine fuel tank manufacturing experts. BluSkies works closely with all of these tank producers, developing vessel specific diurnal fuel containment, vapor management and delivery solutions.

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