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Vapor Space Management

Ullage Valves

BluSkies innovative patented “Ullage Valves” perform all required processes for a compliant marine fuel system.  During refueling, the Ullage Valve activates the automatic fuel nozzle shut off when fuel levels reach 95% tank capacity. They maintain expansion space when refueling is completed to allow fuel vapors to be retained in the tank during temperature and pressure changes.  These valves eliminate the propensity for “spit-back”, tank “well-back” and “fuel geyser effect” during the refueling process (if tank is under pressure). 

Our Ullage Valves were commercialized for use in both passive and pressure systems with either remote or direct fill systems. They protect sensitive fuel system components from fuel contamination.  BluSkies Ullage Valves have a simple, zero maintenance design and are produced with fuel resistant plastics and marine grade aluminum.    

If you are using these valves for a replacement fuel tank (non OE boat builder) please contact us to determine the correct valve part numbers. 

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