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"Belzona is and has been installing BluSkies fuel systems on our boats now since the conception of our company. There products are EPA/ABYC compliant and  built to a very high quality standard. The BluSkies team has been very supportive to our needs throughout this process. We would encourage you to inquire about their products and you will find, as we have, it is a company that goes above and beyond your expectations."

"The BluSkies Pressure-Relief system allows Best Fab Inc. to offer our clients an EPA diurnal emissions solution that not only utilizes the highest quality components available, but is easy to install and cost effective, as well.  The BluSkies team is both innovative and professional, and offers the type of service and support that the OEM marine industry expects.  With a Worldwide customer base and dozens of well-known Boat Builders relying on Best Fab Fuel Tanks and Components, it's nice to know that BluSkies shares our core values of quality, innovation, and customer service!"

"BluSkies has been a pleasure to deal with since we began the transition to the new EPA fuel systems. The quality of their products is matched only by the quality of their staff, who have been incredibly helpful throughout the process. Their knowledge and experience, as well as their willingness to work with us on new products, made the fuel system transition extremely smooth. We are proud to say that we install BluSkies components on every new Contender."

"In the midst of having to become EPA compliant with the new regulations, BluSkies was a pleasure to work with. From Sales to Engineering and Final Production, I was confident that all of the processes were being covered and we would be happy with the results. I have recommended BluSkies to others looking for solutions that they may not have thought of."